Fun Point Ltd is a young company operating in the tourism market since the autumn of 2008. Our team nevertheless has many years of experience in the field of tourism and resort entertainment in particular. From 2003 until October 2008 our team was present on the market as an independent department of Elite Tours, the official representative of Thomas Cook plc for Bulgaria. We take pride in the experience of our colleagues who have worked in the field of resort animation since the 90’s when this was still a very new and exotic product for the Bulgarian tourism. Adding constant endeavor for innovation and uniqueness to our growing experience allows us to achieve cutting-edge products and competitive advantage.

Our main partner is the German tour operator Thomas Cook/ Neckermann Reisen, whose resort entertainment under the brand of Family welt, Balance welt, Vital welt and Sentido hotels is one of the leading products on the tourism market.

With its nearly 100 employees Fun Point occupies an important place on the tourist entertainment market. The diversity and relevance of our entertainment programs and the quality of the product makes it a preferred partner for holiday resorts and hotels in Bulgaria, Greece, Egypt, Croatia, Tunis and Fuerteventura. Our team members are talented, motivated and ambitious young people who follow the principle of emphasizing the positive and the good service in their work, because we all believe in the sentence:

The quality remains long after the price is forgotten

H. G. Selfridge