The win-win situation is a worthwhile value for us. It’s important that the employees and partners should come away feeling they have been treated fairly. We make sure that the hoteliers see the result of the investment they made in entertainment facing the satisfaction of their guests.

Pursuit of Excellence

We always try to develop better products and services and to improve what’s done in the past. It’s of high importance for us to constantly improve customer satisfaction, to try to upgrade operational efficiency and the productivity of everyone in the organization.

 That’s why we regularly organize a full month training for the new and experienced entertainers, what results in a exchange of experience between the colleagues, helps building a team and there is always something new to learn or to improve for every single one.

We do our best to avoid breaking the relation between the generations. We make sure to pass on our experience and prepare the next generation to be our worthy successors.

Children’s charity

Our company is an active participant in improving the quality of life of the children in the orphanage in Kosharitca.  We don't just contribute money. We also encourage our employees to get directly involved in the organization of the charity weeks every summer. This event is also familiar to our guests in the hotels and makes the charity evenings a really nice experience for them with dances, songs, children’s competitions etc.


We are constantly looking for emerging customer needs and improve the quality of our product it helps our company grow in the face of ever-increasing competition.

Before every summer season we include a minimum one trend sport in the training of the brand new entertainers and the experienced ones.  The newest sports we included in our program are Zumba, Flexibar training, ballooning etc.

We set a new dance show for the evening program every season. Some of them are “Sounds of Africa”, “Celtic”, “Miami Nights”, “All that folk”, “India, my love”, “Remember”, “Save the earth”, “Mamma Mia” “The musicAll” etc.

We care about you

We know that working for a company is more, than just earning money!

We want our employees to know that they work for a company that truly cares about them, that

the management crew listens to their ideas and concerns . They see the company has a career path planned out for them, one in which they can continue to learn new skills and rise within the organization. We make sure they have a pleasant and safe work environment with all social advantages. All this results in high motivation and wheeling to succeed.